Botox / Neuromodulators Oakville

Botox / Neuromodulators Oakville

Botox and other neuromodulators are a popular anti-aging injectable treatment that significantly reduces the appearance of dynamic wrinkles, creases and folds. Botox, Xeomin and other neuromodulators are a neurotoxin in the form of a purified protein that relaxes the face’s wrinkle-causing muscles.

Neuromodulators prevent repetitive muscle contractions caused by everyday facial expressions when injected sub dermally into the desired muscles. When these muscles are at ease, the skin is kept supple and smooth. This directly translates to a temporary absence of fine lines, wrinkles, or folds. It is the most popular nonsurgical aesthetic treatment in the world. Botox can also be used to stop excessive sweating, a condition called Hyperhydrosis.

Since 2002, Botox has enjoyed a rise in popularity among injectors and patients worldwide. In its first year alone, over 1 million patients tried Botox.

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